Ice Melt Speed-Up “Unmistakeable”. Sea Level Rise Accelerating

April 24, 2023


If you could shape an ice cube out of all the ice losses from Greenland and Antarctica over the past three decades, it would stand 20km high.

An international group of scientists who work with satellite data say the acceleration in the melting of Earth’s ice sheets is now unmistakable.

They calculate the planet’s frozen poles lost 7,560 billion tonnes in mass between 1992 and 2022. 

Seven of the worst melting years have occurred in the past decade.

Mass loss from Greenland and Antarctica is now responsible for a quarter of all sea-level rise.

This contribution is five times what it was 30 years ago.

The latest assessment comes from the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Intercomparison Exercise, or Imbie.

This project, which is supported by the US and European space agencies, issues regular reviews of the state of the planet’s ice sheets.


“All this has profound implications for coastal communities around the world and their risk of being exposed to flooding and erosion,” the study’s leader, Dr. Ines Otosaka from Britain’s Center for Polar Observation and Modelling, told the BBC.

Researchers found large variability in the rate of melting both between and within the two polar ice caps, but that it is increasing and most of the increase occurred in the latter seven years of the study.

Melting from Greenland contributed about a half inch, or 66%, to the sea level rise from the ice caps while Antarctica’s was much smaller at 0.3 inches, or about 33%.


One Response to “Ice Melt Speed-Up “Unmistakeable”. Sea Level Rise Accelerating”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    3.57 seems a little low. I have seen other sites reporting 3.99 and 4.00 [[[ all numbers are shockingly high since the rate-of-rise was 1.4 mm before the year 1900. So the rate-of-rise (acceleration, not velocity) has more than doubled. ]]]

    Anyway, here is one is showing 3.9

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