PBS: For the Nth Time, No, The Planet is Not Cooling

April 19, 2023

The PBS Weathered series on climate is top notch, and does a good job here pushing back against the tired-but-newly-revived-on-twisted-twitter climate crock that goes “There’s been no warming since (insert last global record heat year)”.
We’ve discussed this way too many times, but here’s an update to share with the confused.

Helpful graph shows exactly how it’s done.

My friend John Abraham PdD, an expert on ocean heating, underlined recently that the most accurate measure of planetary heating is ocean heat content, which we can now measure with some accuracy, has been much more clear and definitive than the surface temp record, which bounces around every time the ocean burps, hiccups, or farts.

Below, I treated this in some detail several years ago, showing how climate denier Senator Ted Cruz was misusing the data.


One Response to “PBS: For the Nth Time, No, The Planet is Not Cooling”

  1. Sorry to be blunt, Peter, but this kind of stuff gets right up my nose.

    “Consumers can do this, that and the other…” “How do you remain so optimistic?”

    “Consumers” can do nothing in a world which makes them feel obliged to consume, consume, consume…

    There is nothing to be optimistic about. Sure, as Jacobson has put it, “[We] have the technologies that we need. We have wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, electric cars. We have batteries, heat pumps, energy efficiency. We have 95% of the technologies right now that we need to solve the problem.”

    But we continue pouring dollars by the billion into fossil fuels and the gaping maw of a fake industry called nuclear energy.

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