Question Fossil Fuels, and You Just Might Be Threatened

April 13, 2023

I spent a lot of time in January interviewing farmers in Michigan about their experiences while seeking to site clean energy, solar and wind, on their land.

What snapped into clear focus for me was a pattern of abuse that so closely mirrored what I had heard from climate scientists, 15 years ago, and even today. This is stochastic terror – it’s been a tool of Isis, and it’s been deployed by the fossil fuel interests that control a diffuse web of social media nodes that are in perfect synchrony in spreading the kind of disinformation that they know will activate a certain segment of the target audience, with fear, hatred, and, (they hope) the threat of violence.

You are meant to be intimidated. Don’t be.

Below, compare to Michael Mann’s account from 2014.

Below, Facebook post from Kevon Martis, a self-described “Senior Fellow” at E&E Legal, the fossil funded lobbying firm that harassed Dr. Mann and others for more than a decade.
He perfectly constructs the Stochastic Terror narrative, a bit like the mobster who says, “nice business you got here,…be a shame if something happened to it..”.

“I don’t condone this at all…”, followed by the dark threat that “somebody” just might do something terrible. Understand this and you’ll see a lot more of the “why” right wingers are so committed to keeping powerful military weapons flowing to the aggrieved and vulnerable targets of their message machine.

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