How Putin Made Europe Go Green Faster

April 9, 2023

Deutsche Welle is the German version of BBC, or PBS. High quality report here on something I’ve commented on a lot – the acceleration of the green transition sparked by the War in Ukraine.

2 Responses to “How Putin Made Europe Go Green Faster”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I didn’t sweat the re-starting of coal plants in Europe, because public pressure ensured that it would be a temporary move, and the need to move away from Russian gas was more important (both climatically and politically).

    The overbuilding of LNG terminals in Germany may be considered an expensive strategic mistake, but it sent a clear message to Russia and in the long run as RE and heat pumps increase, they’ll find the scrap metal worth more than the excess LNG capacity. (Especially since LNG itself is expensive.)

    [Side note about the DW Planet A video: Some of the video transitions were annoying.]

  2. Germany had some of the best nuclear plants on planet Earth (according to Mark Nelson). If they would’ve built a few more of those instead of propping up the Chinese polysilicon industry, they would be way further along in cutting CO2 emissions.

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