Michael Mann on IPCC, and Alaska Drilling Project

March 21, 2023

6 Responses to “Michael Mann on IPCC, and Alaska Drilling Project”

  1. William Haaf Says:

    Rather than blame President Biden- lets blame the owner of the Williow project. It is Conoco who is responsible for this oil and will be responsible for the deaths of massive numbers of humans and mammals and fish and insects etc . We ain’t seen yet what a hot planet will do to all of us. Humans will be lucky to escape extinction. So thank you Conoco (and all fossil fuel mfgs) for working to kill our children and our pets.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      agree. But also, don’t assume that just because a project is permitted, that it will go forward.
      Big hurdles in form of citizen lawsuits and, most importantly, economic viability, are ahead for Willow Project.
      Continuing to support low carbon technologies to dampen oil demand is important here.

  2. Engineer Ron Says:

    Emissions have to go down far faster than described.

  3. What would this look like if Congress were to enact a carbon fee? One that rises steeply and predictably, where all the revenues are returned to citizens and a border carbon adjustment levels the playing field among nations? The Willow project would instantaneously appear unprofitable, thus not worth the investment. See Econstatement.org and take the experts’ advice, and CitizensClimateLobby.org

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