Cyclone’s Angry Eye over San Francisco

March 21, 2023

San Francisco Chronicle (paywall):

But despite the disconnect between the storm and the Pineapple Express, the storm did see a dramatic drop in pressure, falling below 990 millibars. This means it got close to reaching the benchmark that would’ve made it a bomb cyclone — a system whose pressure rapidly drops as it bursts into a powerful storm with an occasional eye at its center. But that’s only according to one definition of a bomb cyclone, where the pressure of a low-pressure system around 40 degrees latitude needs to drop by 17 millibars in under 24 hours. 

Scientifically, that’s an impressive feat for a storm off the coast of California, with the National Weather Service saying the range was one of the lowest recorded for the month of March.


One Response to “Cyclone’s Angry Eye over San Francisco”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    SF has
    – insane housing prices
    – high earthquake potential
    – recurrent exposure to wildfire smoke
    and now
    Wrath from the Pacific!

    And I thought the heat and drought of central Texas was bad….

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