About the Palestine Derailment

February 23, 2023

Just something to bookmark, or share with your crazy Uncle Dittohead.

Below, Fox News (again) admits the truth.

UPDATE: HT to reader rhymeswithgoalie


DeWine, a second-term Republican, said he had been contacted after the disaster by President Joe Biden, who, he said, offered any necessary federal assistance. Said DeWine at the Tuesday news briefing: “Look, the president called me and said, ‘Anything you need.’ I have not called him back after that conversation. We will not hesitate to do that if we’re seeing a problem or anything, but I’m not seeing it.”


One Response to “About the Palestine Derailment”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    FWIW, DeWine noted as early as Feb 15 that he “has not taken up Biden on offer of ‘anything you need’ in wake of train derailment disaster.” (Still haven’t found the first response of Biden with respect to the derailment since the news noise makes it difficult.)


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