Taking the Climate and Clean Energy Message to the Heartland

February 21, 2023

I appeared on the Art Lewis Show this morning, out of WSGW in Saginaw, Michigan.
The station has historically been a very conservative talk station, that has a wide coverage area over Central Michigan, in a lot of the areas where pitched battles are being fought around siting clean energy.
Over the last few years, one time climate skeptic Art Lewis, who has held court in the morning drive time slot for many decades, has been inviting me on to discuss clean energy, and the science behind a changing climate.
In this case, our springboard for discussion was the very warm winter that we’ve been having over most of North America. We went on to discuss the various solutions to climate change as well.
The interview starts about 6:12 in.


2 Responses to “Taking the Climate and Clean Energy Message to the Heartland”

  1. Glen Koehler Says:

    Starts at 6:12 not 2:12

  2. The message on Climate and Clean Energy should be spread into the masses. Thank you 🙏🌍

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