How the Internet Feeds on Your Anger

February 18, 2023

You always knew they were doing it to you. You know, – THEM.
Those people you hate.

I know I just posted something with Sarah Silverman, – but this story is too
important to skip.
It’s about how social media manipulates your anger, and divides us.

Anger, we now know, is like a drug, and it affects the brain exactly like crack or fentanyl.
I’ve been in some rooms lately where a whole lot of people were very, very, fearful and angry – at society, at big corporations, weirdly, clean energy, and, at me.
They’ve been targeted by soulless social media algorithms that know them better than they know themselves – better than their spouses or family, and know how to press their buttons. And, of course, there is also a nationwide network of fossil funded interest groups who know this fact and take advantage of it for their own purposes.

Also, the piece above shows how the “cat litterboxes in school bathrooms” story got started – at my local school board meeting.


One Response to “How the Internet Feeds on Your Anger”

  1. talies Says:

    Maybe the modern #foodindustry pushing addiction to carbs has something to do with anger. I’ve just gone full #Keto

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