Even Fox, Bannon, Admit GOP Missteps on Ohio Derailment

February 18, 2023

Media Matters:

STEVE DOOCY (FOX HOST): Speaking of the White House, apparently regulations regarding train safety were changed during the Trump Administration. This particular railroad and others lobbied President Trump to dismantle an Obama-era rule that would have required railroads to update their braking systems. And apparently the Obama administration had pushed for it to govern transportation of hazardous materials after about half a million barrels of crude were dumped, but ultimately, the Trump Administration undid that and said the costs exceeded the benefits. Nobody understands and, you know, when they talk about whether or not it’s safe to drink the water, the question is groundwater.

Even Steve Bannon pointed the finger, correctly, at Republican Ohio Governor Mike Dewine, who refused federal help, and gave the order to ignite the toxic spill.


One Response to “Even Fox, Bannon, Admit GOP Missteps on Ohio Derailment”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Was there danger of a BLEVE (“blevvy”) explosion? If so, that could have been much worse than the burn:

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