Ohio Finding Out What Developing World has Known for Decades

February 16, 2023

Right wing media up in arms as white people experience toxic corporate neglect.

Below, Shell oil spill in Niger Delta.

5 Responses to “Ohio Finding Out What Developing World has Known for Decades”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    “Now the government will try and downplay this.”

    Which government? The Ohio state government dominated by Republicans, who never met a polluter they didn’t like, or the Federal EPA, which has been hamstrung by Republicans in the US Congress whenever they had a chance?

  2. Ron Benenati Says:

    Why is it so easy to forget that the Republicans are the party of deregulation?
    Democrats are just pathetic “woke treehuggers” standing in the why of profits and growth.

  3. Ron Benenati Says:

    That said, I’d like to be able to say many of Trump’s actions should have been more swiftly reversed or, at least the intent to reverse publically announced.
    I am not knowledgeable as to whether this issue was.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      It’s easier to break things than to build them. Many of the career experienced civil servants were driven out by Trump’s regime. Many could have found better pay in the private sector, and/or decided it’s a risk to stay in the US Federal Government when the Electoral College* can vote another destructive Republican back in 2024.

      I get the impression that Biden’s done a good job filling positions for the most part, but one dud was Merrick Garland as Attorney General. While Garland might have made a good Supreme Court Justice, the job of AG requires an experienced and active manager, a very different skill set.

      *The EC gives disproportionate power to lower-population states. It isn’t nearly as lopsided as the US Senate, where the ~40 million of California gets two US Senators, while the ~40 million in WY, AK, ND, SD, ID, NE, KS, AR, IA, OK, KY, LA and AL get 26 US Senators.

      • Ron Benenati Says:

        Point taken. I have already moved the trauma of watching essential people in the various departments under siege during the early days of the administration from hell into the back of my brain because it was too painful a memory

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