Tesla Model Y is Best Selling Car in California

February 8, 2023

Not best selling EV – best selling car of any kind.

5 Responses to “Tesla Model Y is Best Selling Car in California”

  1. Peter Mizla Says:

    Tesla has some of the worst costs for repairs and reliability. I am sure all those people making $20 an hour and paying thousands of dollars a month can buy one. Guess what Peter- I used to enjoy you, now you are another green washing green wishing clown

  2. redskylite Says:

    Top selling EV here in New Zealand too – becoming very common to see.

    Tesla Model 3 (from $61,875*)

    There’s no denying Tesla-mania is here. It can feel as if every time you’re stuck at a stoplight there’s a Tesla in front or behind you. The Model 3 is in many ways the new Nissan Leaf. Not because of performance, where it far outperforms the old Leaf models, but because they are synonymous with the EV market as a whole.


    • redskylite Says:

      Tesla Model Y (from $66,875*)

      While the past few years have been nothing but Model 3, there’s a new Tesla on the block. And it’s wasted no time in usurping the Model 3. After all, it’s a compact SUV, which Kiwis much, much prefer over sedans, and it’s only fractionally more expensive than the Model 3. It also carries about all the same features and levels of performance as the already impressive Model 3.

      So it’s no surprise to discover that it has managed to become the number one EV in New Zealand in just three short months.

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