Neo Nazis Plan to Knock Out Electric Grid, Spark Race War

February 7, 2023

Followup on yesterday’s arrest of two terrorists, who planned a grid attack in the Baltimore area.
Above, Rachel Maddow has a report on the continuing, and expanding, threat of neo-Nazi terrorists, who have been planning and, from time to time, executing, attacks on critical grid infrastructure.

I’m *sure* it’s totally unrelated, but I’ve been tracking similar kinds of threats among the anti-clean energy activists currently working, and gaining followers in the midwest. More on this soon.

NBC has some new information on the arrest, and an informant.

One Response to “Neo Nazis Plan to Knock Out Electric Grid, Spark Race War”

  1. mbrysonb Says:

    What worries me most about this madness is that I expect it to get worse as the impacts of climate change and desperate political efforts to protect the old systems and the financial interests tied to them clash. When we can’t get Republican politicians onside with vaccines that save lives and reduce spread of a dangerous disease right now, what are the odds of persuading them to do anything at all about the future? Politics is a short-term game, and it seems it’s the only thing (suddenly I’m thinking of Vince Lombardi…).

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