One More Time: If the Globe is Warming, Why am I Freezing?

February 4, 2023

Perennial evergreen post for your Uncle Dittohead or Aunt Teabag.
First video above is from this year, includes summary of latest research on Jet Stream anomalies.
Video below was produced after I went to several meetings of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, in Scandinavia and Seattle, and interviewed a phalanx of the best arctic experts around.

Washington Post:

Parts of the Northeast woke up to the coldest morning in decades on Saturday, with temperatures 30 degrees or more below average and wind chills in the extremely dangerous category. Virtually the entirety of New England was included in wind chill warnings, while Mount Washington’s minus-109 degree wind chill set a record for the entire United States.

The National Weather Service office serving the Boston region described the cold as “a historic Arctic outbreak for the modern era,” and warned that “this is about as cold as it will ever get.”

In Boston, the morning low fell to minus-10 degrees at 5:15 a.m., the coldest reading observed in the city since Jan. 15, 1957, when Boston hit minus-12. The episode resembled the brutal Arctic blast on Valentine’s Day 2016, when Logan Airport dropped to minus-9 degrees.


2 Responses to “One More Time: If the Globe is Warming, Why am I Freezing?”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    Anyone needing an update on the greenhouse effect might wish to watch this

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    Why are you freezing? It’s February, and I can see Canada from here…

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