OK Doomer: Patagonia Ad is a Classic

January 21, 2023

Pessimism is a luxury that only the global rich can afford.
To people who say the end is near, I say “We’re not getting off that easy.”


5 Responses to “OK Doomer: Patagonia Ad is a Classic”

  1. doug350 Says:

    Peter, have you come across papers by Dr. Mann or others that support his downplaying of Arctic sub-sea thaw and release of methane clathrates, which Natalia Shakhova has explained (https://youtu.be/kx1Jxk6kjbQ)?

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    I still think it’s our moral obligation to tell people when they’re better off abandoning their communities rather than spending the money fighting the sea. We should manage people’s expectations and give them a chance to make the hard decisions for the parts we’re likely to lose.

    As Jason Box et al put it, there’s already a lot of damage baked in.

    In 2008, the people who shorted the mortgage market made money, and Wall St. got some bailouts, but for the ordinary families who had to deal with foreclosure and bankruptcy and suicide, many sure would have appreciated a heads up.

    Tell people up front they may have to choose between sentiment and a viable future, then they can make their own decisions.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    If you liked the climate you had, or the sea level, kiss it goodbye. For twice as long as the Egyptian pyramids are old, it’s been the same. But the only certainty, now, belongs to the Past. The future may or may not be catastrophic, depending on where you live, and how agile you can afford to be. “So don’t tell us that we’re all screwed” OK. Some of us are screwed. We’ll ‘Trump Wall’ the screwed ones out of our country, and snicker at their lack of ‘hardness’. Patagonia begins with “because we have no choice”. Once, we had a choice. We chose to screw much of humanity and now, when we’re down to the actual ‘livability of the planet’ (!), now we have ‘no choice’. Got it. What a message.

    Honestly, if you live anywhere on the East Coast, including Florida, you’ll eventually wonder what ‘choice’ Patagonia is talking about…

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