NBC News: Arizona Suburb Gets Water Cutoff

January 21, 2023


A community outside of Phoenix is furious after being cut off from its municipal water supply. NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard has more on how residents in the Rio Verde Foothills are doing everything to bring water back to their homes as others question why developers continue to build on dry land. 

That this can take people by surprise is a testimony to the power of media silos and denial.
We are in the age of consequences.

Below, I talked to Phoenix weather caster Amber Sullins about Arizonans waking up to climate change.


6 Responses to “NBC News: Arizona Suburb Gets Water Cutoff”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    How many of the Rio Verde families are suing the developers from whom they bought their houses?

  2. Mark Mev Says:

    1. Price water accordingly.
    2. Invade Canada
    3. Build pipeline to drain Canada of it’s water. Well, actually, it would not be Canada anymore, but a territory of the U.S. Oil companies with pipeline experience will be able to make money because of 1 above.
    4. Continue building housing and, of course, golf courses in the now no longer arid southwest.
    Problem solved.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      there may be a place for you in the Arizona Republican Party

      • Mark Mev Says:

        At first, I was going to respond with no about that career path, because I has already planned on a future career as a servant to billionaires to survive the imminent collapse of society that I’ve been warned about for the last 30 years. Then I realized both those job descriptions were the same.

  3. Ron Benenati Says:

    Sue the developers.

  4. mboli Says:

    Rio Verde Foothills

    Is that a joke? This town in the desert is named “Green” and “River”? And how does a river have “Foothills”?

    I suggest the town be renamed to Rio Seco. Firstly, that will solve the problem. Nobody living in a place named Rio Seco has any expectation of water. And secondly, several of Arizona’s rivers will be renamed Rio Seco in the not-too-distant future.

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