Warming Oceans: The True Measure of Climate Change

January 16, 2023

John Abraham, who has been keeping close track of ocean temperatures for some years now, interviewed on CNN.

Washington Post:

The planet’s air temperature has been rising for decades, but it wobbles up and down and does not set records every single year. Europe’s Copernicus Climate Change Service recently ranked 2022 as the fifth-hottest year on record for the atmosphere, with other expert rankings soon to follow.

The ocean doesn’t do the same dance. It changes more slowly — and more deeply. As climate change takes hold, natural ocean variations in temperature matter less and less, Abraham said, leading to a string of consecutive records in recent years, with 2018 being the last year that was not a record.

More than 90 percent of the excess warming that results from the planetary energy imbalance, in which more solar heating enters the Earth’s system than escapes again to space, winds up in the ocean, the researchers say.


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