California’s Hydro-Climate Whiplash – Daniel Swain in BBC Interview

January 14, 2023

Above, Daniel Swain of the Center for Atmospheric Research in BBC interview, this week.

Below, my interview from last year with Park Williams of UCLA, on California’s history of giant rains.

One Response to “California’s Hydro-Climate Whiplash – Daniel Swain in BBC Interview”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    In Texas there’s long been a saying “Drought ends in flood.”

    Many of what would have been much more damaging flood events have been mitigated by the dam management on the [Texas] Colorado River by the Lower Colorado River Authority. The dam system also provides both reservoir management and hydropower.

    Of course, Texas doesn’t have real mountains or massive forest fires to aggravate flood energy that California gets, and it has a shorter cycle of droughts vs. floods.

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