As Coast Disappears, “Let the Kids worry about it” Sounds Pretty Lame

January 8, 2023

Above, CBS report on coastal flooding is well done.
One gobsmacked homeowner thought, when he bought his house, 30 years ago, sea level was something for the kids to worry about.
Now, massive taxpayer spends to benefit rich folks with beach houses.

Below, a series of Atmospheric Rivers and a sea-level enhanced Bomb Cyclone wreak havoc on California coast.


2 Responses to “As Coast Disappears, “Let the Kids worry about it” Sounds Pretty Lame”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    This global warming PSA is from at least 12 years ago:

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Those expensive Outer Banks projects were paid for by the county, which wants to preserve its tax base (both homeowners and tourism).

    Meanwhile, with the giant Ike Dike project paid out of both Federal and State funds, the Corps of Engineers’ Burks-Copes says, “If we want to live here on the coast, then we have to provide a level of defense.” But a lot of us who want to live on the coast but don’t have already decided against that extra financial burden.

    As the Abandonment Asshole™, I think we should commit to letting the sea have Galveston, and use the money we saved on “defense” to help people move to areas more defensible in the long term.

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