SnowTorch: At Least 25 Dead in Historic Buffalo Blizzard

December 26, 2022

Buffalo knows snow, and has all the necessary equipment and training to prepare for it. This storm was certainly well forecast – nevertheless an overwhelming event, perhaps the worst in 50 years.
A foot more snow on the way.

Washington Post:

At least 25 people have died in this weekend’s catastrophic snowstorm, officials announced Monday, marking this blizzard as Western New York’s deadliest in at least 50 years.

Roads remain impassable and more than 12,000 people are still without power as the unrelenting storm is forecast to drop as much as a foot of additional snow, Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz said during a Monday morning news conference. Rescuers are struggling to free people trapped in their cars, while people stuck in shelters and nursing homes are running out of food.

“This is the worst storm probably in our lifetime and maybe in the history of the city,” Poloncarz said. “And this is not the end yet.”

The dead have been found in their cars, homes and in snowbanks. Several suffered cardiac arrests while shoveling — an all-too common consequence of the cold, which can cause arteries and veins to constrict and blood pressure to skyrocket.

Poloncarz expects the death toll to keep rising as first responders finally reach victims who may have been dead for days.

Buffalo is the nexus of a powerful Arctic blast that has wreaked havoc from Washington to Florida, subjecting more than half the country to some form of winter weather warning or advisory. At least 11 additional people have been killed outside New York, a Washington Post tally has found. More than 100,000 people in Washington state, Maine, Texas and Virginia were also without power Monday, according to

The National Weather Service warned that a “reinforcing shot” of cold air from Canada could cause more snow across the Great Plains and Midwest Monday, while the eastern half of the country would remain in a deep freeze.


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