Returning to Swiss Camp – Disappearance of Greenland Pioneer Still Haunts Jason Box

December 21, 2022

Mostly Danish voice-over, but enough English from Jason Box to piece together.

Jason was with his long time friend and mentor Konrad Steffen, at a place on the ice sheet well known to both of them, called Swiss Camp, when Steffen vanished in the ice.

Steffen, a pioneer in Ice Sheet research, had founded and named the camp in 1990.

While the team was at work in August of 2020, Steffen stepped away, and disappeared. There were signs that he had fallen into a crevasse, which was apparently obscured by freshly fallen snow.
That someone so deeply familiar with the terrain and risks of the ice could have perished this way only points to the continued hazards that scientists face in teasing out the mysteries of Big Ice.


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