Energy Meme of the Week

December 16, 2022


One Response to “Energy Meme of the Week”

  1. Anthony O'Brien Says:

    Far from true
    Basslink, Terranora, Murraylink in Australia. New Zealand has one too.
    Japan, China, India all have HVDC lines.
    Mata to Sicily in the Med.
    Heaps in Europe.
    Canada and the US.
    Yes the US has many as well. It just works so much better and is quietly proceeding at a pace.

    Maybe it’s not in the minds of the public, who really don’t care as long as the lights turn on, but very much alive and growing. To be honest I had not realised just how many completed projects there are. That they are not in the news at all is testament to how well they are working.

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