Boos and Qs for Elon as Tesla Brand Destruction Campaign Continues

December 13, 2022

Now I’ve lost respect for Dave Chappelle, too. “Make some noise for the richest man in the world”?

Brand destruction continues at a furious, inexplicable pace.


Tesla Inc. was denied new trial in a suit by a Black former contract worker who was awarded $137 million by a jury that found he faced racist abuse at the electric vehicle maker’s northern California factory.

4 Responses to “Boos and Qs for Elon as Tesla Brand Destruction Campaign Continues”

  1. jimbills Says:

    Paywalled but worth the read:

    Musk had bought the Intellectual Dark Web spiel hook, line, and sinker – where the Western world is in some death struggle culture war that is more important than anything else going on right now.

    What’s happening is the media IS over-representing minority viewpoints and activism these days. It’s practically all that is on the media these days. I’d say it’s a bit overdue and more than fair after centuries of repression, but the conservative mindset freaks out because it thinks the world is changing and therefore going to hell in a handbasket. The extremist paints it as black and white, a mortal struggle more important than anything, and unfortunately Musk had become a part of it – and he bought Twitter because of that belief. He now controls the world’s largest megaphone.

    Again, in his mind, he’s saving the world. It’s just a really effed up perspective on how to save the world.

  2. jimbills Says:

    On Chappelle, I’ll reserve judgement. A lot of his humor is based on walking the tightrope between satirizing and examining cultural taboos. He’s currently a comedian very willing to examine both sides and give his opinion (with humor) – without ever actually tipping his hand. He alternately makes his audience uncomfortable and then throws in a huge laugh. To me, he’s an artist of a very high caliber, but I can see why many are upset at him. But he’s talking about things most wouldn’t dare talk about – it’s too risky to do so.

    We ARE overly sensitive as a culture, and split apart in warring cultural ideals. The ‘sides’ of the fight try to draw the tiniest details to rationalize their own ideals and demonize any that might stray from them. (I have my own leftist opinions, and I despise the false equivalency that right uses to rationalize away their own excesses, but the left isn’t innocent of tribalist tendencies.)

    On the Musk thing above, notice Chappelle’s wording and tonality. He doesn’t say “give it up” or “cheer for”, he says “make some noise” in a flat and barely hidden sarcastic tone.

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