Mitt Romney: We Should Have a Carbon Tax, Blame Dems for Not Making Us Do It

December 11, 2022

Preview of what will soon be the Republican’s position on Climate.

If you didn’t have the patience to listen thru the posting on Mitt’s recent Washington Post interview, a synopsis.

“A price on carbon with border adjustment taxes, that’s the only thing that has an impact.”

“But hasn’t your party rejected that over and over again?”

Mitt then proceeds to blame the Democrats for not overcoming obstinate Republican resistance to climate action.

As things get a lot worse, look for Republicans to blame Democrats for not making them do the right thing, and scientists for not convincing them that their Fox News echo chamber was toxic.


5 Responses to “Mitt Romney: We Should Have a Carbon Tax, Blame Dems for Not Making Us Do It”

  1. Fox is still toxic.

    Tomi Lahren: Biden is the Grinch who stole Christmas and American greatness

  2. James W. Crissman Says:

    Had we scuttled the filibuster when we had a majority in the House and Senate, we could have done this. Romney makes his assertion with full knowledge that a GOP controlled House will never support it. It’s simply hollow. That said, a carbon fee and dividend policy is the single best thing we could do for Earth.

  3. Romney snipes at the Dems while doing nothing for carbon taxes himself. Why doesn’t he turn his supposed support for carbon pricing into action by bringing along some Republicans?

    The carbon cash-back approach should be an easy sell for him to his GOP colleagues. It embodies all kinds of supposed Republican values: personal responsibility (by taxing the fossil fuel companies for the damage they’re causing with their product), personal opportunity (by creating an incentive to earn money by using products and services that emit less carbon) and small government (the government doesn’t keep the tax revenue, but rebates it to all taxpayers in equal shares).

  4. ubrew12 Says:

    Liberal elitists are responsible for everything: China going Coal, India going Coal, and, soon, Africa going Coal. Gosh, if only the Liberals would ‘Man Up’, none of this would have happened…

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