E-Pizza: Dominos Pizza Will Have EV Delivery Fleet

November 27, 2022

Always dedicated to doing research, I saw the ad above while watching my Michigan Wolverines totally dominate the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Underlining the advantages that EVs hold for fleet owners. In August, Hertz Car Rental management underlined how the Teslas in its fleet were 50 to 60 percent cheaper to maintain. (they plan on adding 100,000 Teslas, as well as 100s of thousands of GM and other EVs.

Having their own EVs will help Dominos attract more drivers in a labor-short market.


One Response to “E-Pizza: Dominos Pizza Will Have EV Delivery Fleet”

  1. mboli Says:

    Dominos Pizza in Griffith, in northwest Indiana has these.

    There is a two-port Chargepoint station in the parking lot behind the store.

    Recently I saw a Dominos delivery vehicle plugged in, and now there is a sign on the charger saying it is for Dominos vehicles only.

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