Water’s for Fighting’: Arizona Town Might be Cut Off from Water Supply

November 20, 2022

“That’s their problem.”

Scottsdale cuts water supply to desert communmities – while preserving their green lawns in the desert. This will not end well.

8 Responses to “Water’s for Fighting’: Arizona Town Might be Cut Off from Water Supply”

  1. Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

    Several years ago saw a ‘report’, of a CIA study, on the effect of CG on world violence. From memory, the expected increase in violence would be about 2% ??
    Wondered what their criteria were and what planet they were talking about. When things get shitty, violence ensues. From the grass roots or local strong person blaming the Others.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Even back during Shrub’s administration the CIA was declaring that climate change would be a “threat multiplier”: It wouldn’t just add another problem but make most geopolitical problems markedly worse. And that’s what they’re seeing.

      That 2% sounds waaay off.

      • Brent Jensen-Schmidt Says:

        Might have been 4%, still in fantasy land. Could have been as far back as the 90s,when was Shrub’s (?) administration? Believe the term threat multiplier was used.

        • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

          George W. Bush was president of the United States from 2001 to 2009.
          His VP was Halliburton (oil exploration company) executive Dick Cheney, and under his administration oil lobbyists were allowed to edit the official US report on climate change, both questioning fossil fuel burning as the cause and the dire nature of the forecast.

          I remember thinking that it was ironic for scientists and liberals to rely on both the DoD and the CIA for taking global warming seriously, because they depended on taking reality seriously for military readiness and geopolitical threats.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    One of the clips in that CBS piece showed sprinklers in a Scottsdale lawn watering St. Augustine, one of the thirstier ground covers around.

    Things to stop doing in the desert:
    – no growing food for livestock
    – no growing water-intensive crops
    – no putting up with Bundy-esque BS
    – no private open-air swimming pools in the desert
    – no watering of lawns in the desert
    – no building of new housing developments over the few remaining aquifers
    – super-steep tiered pricing of residential water

    And for that farmer with her argument that people need lettuce grown by irrigating the desert, I don’t think she knows about S-curves.

    Technology has made it possible to grow a lot of foods indoors using 90% less water and land, with no chance that the poopy runoff from a nearby cattle pasture will cause an E. coli outbreak among the consumers of your salad greens.


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