Reviewing the Egypt COP Conference: US Focus on Climate Reparations

November 20, 2022

Eventually, climate funding for mitigation in the global south will have to be seen as a national security issue.

Jeff Berardelli gives a synopsis of the recent Conference of the Parties (COP) meeting in Egypt.

9 Responses to “Reviewing the Egypt COP Conference: US Focus on Climate Reparations”

  1. Ron Benenati Says:

    Is the greater challenge committing funds to developing countries…
    or figuring how to prevent those funds from vanishing, like smoke
    into the air, before it reaches the people and infrastructure that is
    Just to cases as examples, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
    Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010.
    Where did it all go?

    • Ron Benenati Says:

      w” lost in route to post. Please insert in between “t” and “o”

      • jimbills Says:

        Absolutely zero details about the funding were spelled out – not when it’s to be funded, not how it’s to be funded, not who would be in charge of it, not how the funds would be dispersed. Nada. The simple acknowledgement that developing countries should be helped financially (overdue since Paris) is being hailed as the ‘breakthrough’, when there was no agreement for more aggressive reductions and the agreement’s wording puts off new targets from being decided once a year to once every five years. COP27 was politicians being politicians – make themselves look good, do nothing substantial. Abject failure.

        ‘”We had to fight relentlessly to hold the line of Glasgow,” a visibly frustrated Alok Sharma, architect of the Glasgow deal, told the summit.

        He listed off a number of ambition-boosting measures that were stymied in the negotiations for the final COP27 deal in Egypt: “Emissions peaking before 2025 as the science tells us is necessary? Not in this text. Clear follow-through on the phase down of coal? Not in this text. A clear commitment to phase out all fossil fuels? Not in this text.”‘

        ‘Expectations were never especially high over the course of the 12 months since Glasgow’s Cop26. Even so, COP27 has to be a new low – held in a country cowed by a malicious dictatorship, the world’s biggest plastic polluter on board as a sponsor, and hosting more than 600 fossil fuel representatives and many others who are there to prevent, rather than promote progress and action. Some old hands have labelled it the worst COP ever, and I doubt many would argue.’

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Corruption and lack of experienced government infrastructure are two of the problems with these small nations. (Think of them as the island equivalent of Mississippi, which retargets aid for the needy into volleyball stadiums, or Rick Scott who used his office as Governor of Florida to shunt money to the businesses of friends.)

  2. neilrieck Says:

    You would have thought that the simplest agreement would involve this: “all governments must end subsidizing the fossil fuel industry”

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    So many of these islands rely to much on money from tourists flying long distances to reach them.

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