On the Eve of the Great Extinction, We Re-discover the Minds of Animals

November 20, 2022

Every animal knows more than you do. – Chief Joseph

I’m a sucker for animal vids, along with everyone else. One of the gifts of ubiquitous video recording is more intimate views of animal behavior than any one person could reasonably have hoped for 50 years ago. Anyone that lives with or near animals knows that they deal with a sentient being.

From first to third grade, I attended a Parochial school, attached to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, in Midland, MI.

Catholic doctrine, I learned, was that animals do not have souls.
I’ve since come to believe that if anyone has a soul, then for certain animals do as well.

Below, this is totally “Wind in the Willows” stuff.


2 Responses to “On the Eve of the Great Extinction, We Re-discover the Minds of Animals”

  1. Mark Mev Says:

    I’ve had many dogs thru the years and they all react differently to the death of a pack mate. My last pack consisted of a lab, doberman, border collie, and a bernese mountain dog. The lab and dobie were buddies, and the border and bernese were buddies. When the dobie died, the lab stayed with me as I buried her giving very confused looks when the dobe went into the ground and then stayed near the grave for a couple of days. The border and bernese paid no mention to what was going on. When the bernese died, the lab was the one ignoring what was going on. The border kept trying to wake the bernese and stayed on the grave for days.
    Not sure they “know” what is happening. I know this is anthropomorphizing, but they really do miss their favorites and it does effect them emotionally.

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