Lake Effect Snow May Bury Buffalo

November 16, 2022

Bust out the shovels and get ready for the “If there’s global warming, why am I buried in record snow fall?” reactions on Fox News.


AccuWeather meteorologists say that the fiercest lake-effect snow event yet this season — and potentially in years — will ramp up downwind of the Great Lakes late this week and bury some locations with feet of snow, grinding travel to a halt and potentially stamping new marks in the weather history books.

Forecasters warn that travel could be difficult to nearly impossible amid the heaviest snow bands, including along sections of Interstate 90 in the Buffalo, New York, area and I-81 north of Syracuse. Snow may pour down at the rate of 2-4 inches per hour at times with thundersnow possible in the most intense bands.

Below, remembering the snow event of 2014.


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