1975 Ad: “Be a Coal Miner!”

November 12, 2022

One Response to “1975 Ad: “Be a Coal Miner!””

  1. redskylite Says:

    I don’t really see anything incredible about it at all. In 1975 Climate change was not a commonly known problem, at least in the U.K, and coal mining was a perfectly respectable and honest way to earn a living, and needing staffing. O.K the ad doesn’t mention lung complaints and poor wages, but what do you expect and at least over 130 years has passed from the mine owners forcing children to engage in underground working.

    What is incredible was in less than 10 years from the making of this ad the industry was in total chaos, in a war with the U.K government and ideologies.

    For all her faults Mrs Thatcher was aware of Climate science, although it has been a long, windy and far from complete road since her days in power to rid the U.K of carbon emissions.

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