“Only a Category 1” No Longer Reassuring

November 11, 2022

Eye popping report from Orlando TV station shows Florida coastal damage.

I’ll keep saying it. “Conservative” Red State Florida Republicans will be coming for all y’all damn Blue State Socialists to bail them out, for decades, and centuries, to come.

Above, damages to Florida coastline from Nicole show that even minor storms are now capable of major damages, if they are riding on higher sea levels, in a warmer atmosphere.
My video below was made in 2013, not long after Hurricane Sandy, which made landfall as barely a Cat 1 storm, devastated the Northeast. Scott Mandia’s quote is the one that sticks in my mind – “Now storms that technically aren’t major hurricanes are causing major hurricane damage.”

Another report from Fox Weather channel below. “Worst Case Scenario”.


Historically there has been a (bonehead) tradition of driving on the beach of Daytona. Those days are numbered, if not gone.


One Response to ““Only a Category 1” No Longer Reassuring”

  1. gmrmt Says:

    How many tens of billions for a new mega-seawall along the Florida coast?

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