October’s Shocking Warmth

November 11, 2022

Snapshot of November looking equally unsettling, below.


2 Responses to “October’s Shocking Warmth”

  1. The warmer then usual weather is only true for the Northern hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere is defenitly not true as the statistics(not showned here) give true. This is also true for the tropics. There are large parts f the surface of the Erath that show no warming what so ever. So please next time show the statistics also please. They are a integral part of the site. Maps and statistics that tell that things are a little bit more complicated.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      as predicted by first order physics, the northern hemisphere is warming fastest (more land area, less ocean) – polar areas warming 2 to 4 times faster than the rest of the planet, due to ice/albedo and other feedbacks, – again, well predicted decades before it was observed.

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