Nicole to Bring Post-Election Instant Karma to Florida

November 9, 2022

Just get ready for the rest of your life, Red Republicans in Florida will be demanding that the rest of us Damn Socialists keep bailing them out, financially and literally.

Should become a hurricane later today, could be as much as a Cat 2. But remember, Sandy was a Cat 1 when it struck the New Jersey shore in 2013. There are some similarities in that Nicole will be interacting with a system approaching from the west, that has been dumping very heavy snow across the Sierras.

  • Nicole is forecast to make landfall as a hurricane in Florida tonight into early Thursday morning.
  • Hurricane, storm surge and tropical storm alerts have been issued in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
  • Coastal flooding, strong winds, flooding rain and tornadoes are expected along the Southeast coast.
  • Nicole’s moisture in combination with a cold front will wring out heavy rain up the East Coast.

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