Tesla Semi Trucks Now Being Spotted in Wild

November 6, 2022

Above. Pretty quiet truck.


3 Responses to “Tesla Semi Trucks Now Being Spotted in Wild”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Sorry, but the sight of any semi passing a double-dumptruck load of rock would not impress me.

  2. Diesel is not going away anytime soon. There’s not enough stuff being mined to make electric replacements. It will be interesting to see how the Tesla semi does. The best critic of Tesla hype is YouTuber Thunderf00t. He claims that a battery truck will only be able to haul 5 tons, while a conventional diesel will haul 20. He does his calculations starting at about six and a half minutes into this video:

  3. Here’s the most interesting take on diesel I’ve seen lately. Use high temperature process heat from nuclear to make diesel:

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