November Warmth Setting Records

November 2, 2022

Good news!

CBS News Boston:

BOSTON – There is some absolutely gorgeous weather on tap for the rest of this week and possible record warmth this weekend into early next week!

Not much to say other than enjoy! The next week of weather will feel more like September/October than November.

Washington Post:

Consider Boston — the city is forecast to sit at 72 degrees Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Areas west of town in the Merrimack Valley could see mid- to upper 70s; it’s not impossible that a rogue 80 populates the map.

“To put it into perspective, normal highs in early November are in the mid to upper 50s,” wrote the National Weather Service office serving the Boston area. “Given record high temperatures for the dates in the mid to upper 70s, it is conceivable that we could see record warmth this weekend. There are no signals for a precipitation event of any significance through Monday.”

In New York, where the average early November high is 55 degrees, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are predicted to soar to near 70. And Washington, D.C., is eyeing highs in the mid-70s, compared to averages in the lower 60s.

As the undulating jet stream brings in a blob of cold air, look for strong storms across the plains in coming days.


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