Chilling Nuclear Game Plan is a Warning to All

October 20, 2022

3 Responses to “Chilling Nuclear Game Plan is a Warning to All”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Flashbacks to WarGames scenes and the anti-nostalgia of worrying about Nuclear Winter long before I worried about Global Warming.

    (Trouble with Twitter, so here’s the YouTube version.)

  2. redskylite Says:

    “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.”

    This statement was first made by Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev at their summit in Geneva in 1985.


    The current situation certainly quenches the Reagan-Gorbachev era of agreement, and sadly, reawakens many fears in many places. Surely humankind can exist without this destructive issue dangling threateningly over our heads.

  3. John Oneill Says:

    60 years since the Cuban missile crisis.
    ‘The historian Sir Max Hastings says the Cuban Missile Crisis has frightening lessons for the world now. In his book Abyss, he draws on everything that was said in the White House at the time, and on extensive material as well from Russian officers, Cuban peasants, American pilots, and a whole host of accounts from the people in the middle of that very tense fortnight.’
    He says Kennedy and Kruschev showed much cooler heads than many of their military chiefs – or Castro, for that matter. The Hotline between the Kremlin and the White House was instituted afterwards, to avoid the misreadings of each others’ positions that made the standoff so dangerous. Doesn’t sound like much is happening over that line these days, but the deal for removal of missiles from both Cuba and Turkey wasn’t publicised at the time.

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