“We’re seeing it crash and die” – Great Salt Lake Now at Critical Levels

October 18, 2022

I’ve posted on this before but this is the most horrifying imagery I’ve yet seen.

“We’re seeing it crash and die right before our lives.” But new suburbanites still want Kentucky Bluegrass lawns.

3 Responses to ““We’re seeing it crash and die” – Great Salt Lake Now at Critical Levels”

  1. doug350 Says:

    How will SLC social structure fare when desperate families depart deadly dusty Great Scary Lake City collapse in frantic droves?

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      About the same as the social structure of cities whose tax base plummets once the Greater Fool Housing Market collapses in cities along the Atlantic coast, or the many remnant towns in uninsurable southern Louisiana. There will be poor communities that will support more and more pawn shops, second-hand shops and dollar stores, with boarded up buildings.

      We’ve already seen it happen at a slower pace as small Midwestern towns lost their employment base with highly automated corporate megafarms.

  2. Grass roots movement to remove grass lawns. Might be time for a new term.

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