What Weather Whiplash Looks Like, Across the Globe

October 17, 2022

It’s not that it never snows in October, here in Michigan, it happens – but this week we are seeing a pretty good example of a wavy jet stream delivering weather whiplash across North America, the Atlantic, and Europe, as Western Europe has 90+° F temperatures, at the same latitude, and Greenland is well above normal temps.

I will say that I’ve seen a lot of snow, and these are the biggest damn snow flakes that I’ve ever seen. More like Snow Puffs.

I’ve been having some conversations with experts on this issue specifically in recent weeks, so pretty on the nose to have it descending on us right now.

Check the jet stream path vs temp anomalies.

Meanwhile, big high temperature anomalies in Greenland (10 to 20° C) and Europe following the twisty jet stream.

Footnote: In Michigan’s UP:


4 Responses to “What Weather Whiplash Looks Like, Across the Globe”

  1. Jet streams seems to have a lot to do with weather extremes but how to link increased levels of CO2 to jetstream behaviour? The links are not clear yet. Maybe there is more to it then we think there is. I myself found strong evidence that heatwaves and droughts may have to more to do with brightening. This doesnot mean there is no warming throug increased elvels of CO2. There i find evidence for to. For the northern hemisphere both factors together leads to very high levels of warming.

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    “how to link increased levels of CO2 to jetstream behaviour? The links are not clear yet.”:

    There have been multiple articles on that here. Warming at the poles decreases the temperature gradient between the polar regions and the equator, which leads to increased variability in the jet stream.

  3. doug350 Says:

    Jennifer Francis has been explaining how the pole-to-tropics temperature gradient is getting weaker as the Arctic warms 3-4 times faster than the lower latitudes, causing the jetstream to be wavy and the polar vortex to dip south (Think Deep Freeze Texas) while tropical heat moves north (think Pacific Northwest heat dome). Google her and watch Bit.ly/FrancisVortex

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