Solution for Hurricanes: Bible Pillows

October 13, 2022


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell urged the public to buy his products on Thursday as he stood in front of hurricane devastation in Florida.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, Lindell said that he had come to Florida to deliver “Bible pillows” and other merchandise for victims of Hurricane Ian.

As he stood in front of hurricane devastation, Lindell made a plea for pillow sales.

“We put this up on the War Room square on,” Lindell said as he displayed his pillows. “We’ve put up all the pillows — the Bible pillows we’re giving out today and the MyPillows and the blankets.”

So [viewers] can get themselves one and help support everything today using that promo code War Room,” he added. “We appreciate everything you guys do.”


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