Climate Deniers in the News: Alex Jones’ Big Payout

October 12, 2022

Below, classic Alex Jones climate denial from 2010.


3 Responses to “Climate Deniers in the News: Alex Jones’ Big Payout”

  1. redskylite Says:

    At last, maybe now these mischievous conspiracy theory spreaders will realize there is a big difference between free speech and telling lies. He deserves all he gets and so much more for the miseries he has caused to so many.

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    You have the right to say whatever you want about my son.
    But if you make a fortune off of denying he ever existed…
    that’s his fortune, not yours.

  3. al mar Says:

    Between the Texas and Connecticut verdicts, Alex Jones owes more than $1,000,000,000 in damages, and it’s not over yet: There is still a hearing to come for punitive damages.

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