What is Up with Right Wing Petro Sexual Males?

October 5, 2022

“Drill Baby Drill” an “Lock her Up” are driven by the same insecure male energy, which explains the obsession that folks like Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro (archetypical paragons of masculinity) have with “manliness”. That Fox News delivers the “masculinity” message from experts like Marge Taylor Green points to their confusion.
Carlson’s new special has a number of recommendations, including testicle tanning.

Right Wing influencer Ben Shapiro drew mockery recently for asserting that the US military is now too “woke” to be masculine.

I talked about the fossil fuel obsession with journalist Amy Westervelt a couple years ago – what is it with the Petro Sexual male?


2 Responses to “What is Up with Right Wing Petro Sexual Males?”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    1) MTG shoots Prius with .50 caliber rifle.
    2) MTG’s husband files for divorce: 27-year marriage ‘irretrievably broken’
    Coincidence? I think not.
    We report… you decide

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    [Is this being blocked?]

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