After Ian: “Hundreds of Bodies”

October 2, 2022

In Lee County, where Governor DeSantis dithered on evacuation. Many questions being asked.

Raw Story:

On Sunday, a Lee County man was working on clearing debris from his home when CNN’s Jim Acosta approached him to ask how they fared through Hurricane Ian.

The man showed Acosta the damage to the home, the most significant parts were at the back of the home because the house is on a canal. 

But it was the comments that the man made about deaths in the area that was the most shocking. 

“Four doors down, their son’s best friend is a Lee County sheriff, and they’re finding hundreds of bodies now,” the man told CNN. Acosta noted it’s the same information that they are hearing too. “It is not like 20s. It is hundreds of bodies that they’re getting in and looking.”

Fort Myers Beach, in Lee County, storm surge below.

5 Responses to “After Ian: “Hundreds of Bodies””

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    A year ago Florida was losing hundreds of people every day to COVID, but they still had roads and clean water supplies and power to go back to after the funerals..

    The material damage is what’s going to drive tens or probably hundreds of thousands of once middle-class people into poverty, depression, substance abuse, and/or suicide.

  2. disperser Says:

    I don’t like the DeSantis, but it was the county officials who waited too long.

    Still, the same information that was available to the county officials was available to the locals. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d have evacuated without waiting for anyone to tell me.

    I have friends who live in Tampa, and they were tracking the storm since Friday.

    Besides, anyone south of where the storm would make landfall would face a strong storm surge because of the winds. Lee County officials didn’t follow established protocols, and residents should have been watching the literally hundreds of reports warning of catastrophic levels of damage. Now there’s finger-pointing all around, as is always the case.

    • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

      Do people really wait for county officials to tell them they should evacuate? If you already listen to the radio or watch TV the local news reports or talk with co-workers or neighbors or get calls from family members, isn’t that what people really use to make their decisions?

      • disperser Says:

        That’s what I said. But, there may be hospitals and other services that need an official evacuation order. Still, the article doesn’t make much sense to me.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    You often hear rather cavalier attitudes expressed about hurricanes, as they approach. Many people just don’t take them seriously, because ‘on average’ they end up doing just fine. I’m sure a number of residents of Tampa are chuckling at their neighbors who ‘panicked’ and fled the area. And, when a hurricane hits Tampa, that often-reinforced bravado may end up killing them, as it no doubt did a few in the Lee County area.

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