Flood Insurance? Many Floridians Don’t Have it

September 30, 2022

Watch Florida Republicans who suddenly realize they have no insurance suddenly realize what we need is more socialism. ( ie compelling Taxpayers to make them whole, rebuild their house, and give them insurance)

I’ve been talking about this for some time. Insurance companies have had climate change on their radar for 50 years, at least. Below, Insurance giant Munich Re made this image in the 1970s.

Munich Re Climatatologist Ernst Rauch made this presentation a year ago.

My recent Yale Climate Connections video is below:

I spoke to University of Michigan Business School prof Andy Hoffman for this vid, more complete version of his remarks is below.

Chris Hayes has some Florida history below.

The video below perfectly encapsulates the conundrum of humans moving into the wild-urban interface, or for that matter, vulnerable coastal areas.


3 Responses to “Flood Insurance? Many Floridians Don’t Have it”

  1. Ron Benenati Says:

    It’s time to start a managed retreat from the shore. Mr. Biden! Help citizens, but do not reimburse banks for their mortgage losses gambled away by not requiring flood insurance! Do not rebuild repetitive damages.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    We need blue-lining of areas that should not be getting 30-year (or, in some cases, 15-year) mortgages. Unfortunately, the act of blue-lining will start local housing market collapses based on a specific policy decision rather than letting everything collapse naturally (and at greater expense), which is why politicians who want to be re-elected will never push it.

    The MSNBC conversation included the comment that “many hard-hit by the hurricane simply don’t have the insurance they need to rebuild.” We have to ditch the automatic concept of rebuilding structures where there shouldn’t be any.

    After a very local flood put 30″ of water in her home in the mid-1990s, my sister’s parish (“county”) bought out some single-story homes in her neighborhood and converted them to parish greenspace. As a result, it ended up making some lots look even nicer and raised the remaining lot values, especially for those homes that (like hers) were raised at taxpayer expense. They’re still giving out 30-year mortgages there, but if that neighborhood is still there 30 years from now, I’d be surprised.

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Ha! The last comment from that Republican politician was something mealy-mouthed “the economic disparity is a pressing question in moments like this and I think it should be investigated….” How about a progressive tax code? How about making a distinction between humans who are people in reality and corporations who are people before the law.

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