Model: Ian Could Stall Off Florida

September 26, 2022

We’ve seen “stalling” behavior in several recent storms that caused massive damages in the Atlantic basin. This behavior might be related to slower moving jet stream systems, which many scientists link to melting arctic ice and climate change in general.

Recent examples include Harvey in 2017, which settled over Houston for several days, dropping in some cases 5 feet of rain, as well as 2018’s Florence in the Carolinas, and Dorian in 2019, which maintained Cat 5 strength while sitting on top of the Bahamas for almost 2 days.

It was the topic of my video from 2019.


One Response to “Model: Ian Could Stall Off Florida”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Well, it was earlier this year you included this video, where people distressed by the multi-thousand-dollar cost in mandatory flood insurance will prefer it over being left unprepared:

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