Hilary Clinton on “Both Sides” Journalism

September 25, 2022

No, the Covid vaccine is not injecting you with Bill Gate’s tracking device, or a mind. control chip.
(see below).

Like so many things, Al Gore was way ahead on this one, pointing out decades ago that what he called “false balance” journalism, or “both sides” journalism, was leading democracy astray.

Scientist vs Flat Earther is not a ‘both sides” equivalency that needs to be covered by a journalist. Some things are just bullshit, and they should be called out as such, so we can move on.

Northwestern University:

Bothsidesism — also referred to as false balance reporting — can damage the public’s ability to distinguish fact from fiction and lead audiences to doubt the scientific consensus on pressing societal challenges like climate change, a new Northwestern University study has found.

“The devastating heat wave in Europe this week is a reminder that we need to take urgent action to slow human-caused warming, but the media is still giving air to the opinions of people who do not believe there is cause for alarm, which makes the problem seem less dire than it actually is,” said David Rapp, a psychologist and professor at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) who coauthored the research.

Note to Journalists: the item below is not a scoop, you really don’t need to report this.


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