New Documents from Oil Industry Show Internal Deception

September 15, 2022

A shell employee in 2020 said the net-zero pathway has the company published has “nothing to do with our business plans”, to which a colleague replied that mixing the two (the net-zero pathway and the company’s actual plans) “would not be a good thing”.

The value of a good twitter feed.

New York Times reported yesterday on internal Oil industry documents, released under subpoena from The House Committee on Oversight and Reform, with hearings ongoing this morning – see opening statement above.
Journalist Ajit Naranjan has been going the documents and pulling out tar-encrusted jewels – some of which I post here.

New York Times:

Documents obtained by congressional investigators show that oil industry executives privately downplayed their companies’ own public messages about efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and weakened industry-wide commitments to push for climate policies.

Internal Exxon documents show that the oil giant pressed an industry group, the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, to remove language from a 2019 policy statement that “could create a potential commitment to advocate on the Paris Agreement goals.” The Paris Agreement is the landmark 2015 pact among nations of the world to avert catastrophic global warming. The statement’s final version didn’t mention Paris.

At Royal Dutch Shell, an October 2020 email sent by an employee, discussing talking points for Shell’s president for the United States, said that the company’s announcement of a pathway to “net zero” emissions — the point at which the world would no longer be pumping planet-warming gases into the atmosphere — “has nothing to do with our business plans.”

These and other documents, reviewed by The New York Times, come from a cache of hundreds of thousands of pages of corporate emails, memos and other files obtained under subpoena as part of an examination by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform into the fossil fuel industry’s efforts over the decades to mislead the public about its role in climate change, dismissing evidence that the burning of fossil fuels was driving an increase in global temperatures even as their own scientists warned of a clear link.

In 2017 an Exxon environment manager wrote that limiting warming to 2 degrees celsius would require “unprecedented gains in efficiency and transformation of the global energy sector” for which they don’t see the policy, finance or affordable tech to support

On Thursday, the House committee is expected to discuss some of its early findings. “It’s well established that these companies actively misled the American public for decades about the risks of climate change,” said Representative Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California who spearheaded the investigation with Carolyn B. Maloney, the New York Democrat who leads the House committee. “The problem is that they continue to mislead,” Mr. Khanna said.

At a hearing last year, oil industry executives stressed their support for a transition to clean energy and denied that they have misled the public. They acknowledged that the burning of their products was driving climate change, although none pledged to end their financial support for efforts to block action on climate change, and they said that fossil fuels were here to stay.

The committee’s subpoena has sought documents related to companies’ role in contributing to climate change, their marketing and lobbying efforts on climate, and the funding of third parties accused of spreading climate disinformation. Several of the companies and organizations subpoenaed — which include Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP, the American Petroleum Institute and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — have yet to produce some of the key documents that have been requested, according to committee staff members.

Exxon also requested an oil and gas industry statement remove reference to the 2015 paris agreement on climate change in case it created “a potential commitment to advocate on the paris agreement goals”

A commenter on Naranjan’s thread added this historic note.


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  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Considering the >70 million who voted for TFG in 2020, I winced at Ro Khanna’s declaration that the American people aren’t stupid.

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