Jesse Jenkins: The Grid We Need to Electrify Everything

September 9, 2022

Not everyone will agree with Jesse Jenkins on every point, but he provides some great basic info here in digestible form.

One Response to “Jesse Jenkins: The Grid We Need to Electrify Everything”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    That prototype project converting old oil&gas wells to 2D gravity batteries is a good case study for evaluating tradeoffs in storage. By expectation, longer storage options (seasons, years) might be worth lower efficiencies (e.g., get only, say, 50% of your energy back, but it would be available for years).

    Storage eats any overproduction of super-cheap wind and solar, and the cheaper the supply of wind and solar, the cheaper it is to shunt it to long-term storage. I foresee countries’ long term strategic energy reserves to be managed (or co-managed) by governments, just as natgas reserves are now.

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