Weed Fire Explodes in California

September 2, 2022

Whoah this looks way too much like last year’s fire in Boulder. (see below)

Wild/Urban interface is a dangerous place to be in a 1200 year drought.

3 Responses to “Weed Fire Explodes in California”

  1. sailrick Says:

    Not too far from the recent Klamath Forest fire. I forget what they called that one.

  2. Horrendous. Nothing is worse than fire. The fear it generates, the sense of hopelessness in the face of a primordial power we have no control over. But make no mistake; we caused this.

    And they dare to call us doomers. When we raised the alarm before all this we were called alarmists. What comes next? There is no next stage here. We are toast.
    We live on the edge of town. Our residential area is a tinderbox right now, but no one is planning for something like this.

    One of our neighbours recently actually started a fire one evening in his garden. Thought it would be fun to show his kids what fire is. I ran there screaming after having heard the sound and was told to fuck off and mind my own business. Apparently it’s not a crime to start a fire in your garden in sunny Germany. One day this prick will end up killing people.

  3. ubrew12 Says:

    I almost settled near Weed. It’s a really beautiful part of CA, close to Mount Shasta, the Trinity Alps, and all the outdoor activities one could want, but also close to Ashland, OR, with its summer Shakespeare festival. But climate change is turning the area into a tinderbox: lots of growth in their still-wet winters, lots of dry pines in late summer, and lots of wind from the nearby mountains. And the MAGA’s are everywhere, claiming to be part of the State of Jefferson, along with Eastern Oregon and Idaho.

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