For Climate Adaptation: Let My Beavers Go

September 2, 2022

Long time viewers will know the work of Emily Fairfax, and the positive benefits of Beavers as engineers of the landscape, with benefits for fire resistance, aquifers, and wetlands.

There must have been a press conference on this the other day, because two new videos, both worthwhile, have popped up from Vox and CBS news, updating the story.


One Response to “For Climate Adaptation: Let My Beavers Go”

  1. Mark Mev Says:

    Decades ago I would walk my dogs on a boardwalk and small bridges over a swamp to get to a large clear field so they could run around. After a few days of rain all this wood had packed up against the boardwalk and flooded this one last bridge. So I leaned over the edge and cleared enough branches so the water would lower enough that I could walk the dogs over that bridge. Came back a couple days later and everything was plugged up again and flooded. So I removed branches again. Came back a couple days later and again the branches were back and that bridge flooded again. So I leaned over a third time, but the this time the beaver had had enough of me and smacked it tail on the surface of the water, close enough to splash me. My only excuse is that I grew up in the city. We didn’t have beavers.

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