Climate Denial, Racism and Misogyny

September 1, 2022

Governor Tate Reeves and 15 other governors have joined together to oppose new rules proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that would “compel publicly traded companies to make detailed disclosures about climate-change risks and greenhouse gas emissions.” – Supertalk Mississippi Media

Above Mississippi Governor Tate “Tater” Reeves holds a press conference about the water emergency in Jackson MS with the notable absence of Jackson’s Black, Democratic Mayor.

I’ve written a lot about the not-so-coincidental cross links between climate denial and racism.
There’s another thread, misogyny, that is also not-so-coincidentally linked.

President Biden has declared a disaster in Jackson, Mississippi, with the failure of water infrastructure in the predominantly black city of 150,000, the state’s capitol, following catastrophic rains in recent weeks, on top of decades of neglect by mostly-white state lawmakers.
Obviously, as this summer’s events, globally, show how economic, trade, utility, and civil infrastructure is going to be challenged in a changing climate, issues of justice, unfortunately, are still very much with us.

Also this week, one of the internet’s leading purveyors of climate misinformation (yeah, an old white guy) went viral with a vile rant against women and women’s rights broadly. The thrice married (sigh) Dennis Prager, founder of “Prager University”, a suite of web sites and videos that prominently pushes slick and aggressively dumb climate denial broadsides, is apparently fearful of how educated and accomplished women are changing society – because of course he is.

Dennis Prager for Creators Syndicate:

Just as the male sexual drive and violent impulses can overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally, emotions can do the same thing in girls and women: overwhelm their conscience and their ability to think and act rationally.

However, it should be obvious that at least two generations of parents — especially among the well-educated — did not teach many of their daughters to control their emotions and think rationally.

The result is that women are disproportionately active in doing damage to our society.

The most obvious example is education. American schools teach less and indoctrinate more than ever before. Big-city public (and most private) schools are damaging young Americans to an extent and in ways no one imagined just a few years ago. Young children are prematurely sexualized — they are, for example, exposed to “Drag Queen Story Hour” in class and in local libraries from the age of 5. These feature a man dressed as a woman reading and dancing for them.

And who is facilitating all of this? In virtually every case, a woman. Ninety-two percent of kindergarten teachers are women, 75% of all teachers are women and 85% of librarians are women.

And they are teaching young people to despise their country (the creator of the poisonous “1619 Project” is a woman), to feel guilty about their “white privilege” or to think of themselves as victims if they are black. Even worse, they are indoctrinating them in “nonbinary” thinking regarding sex and gender.

Teachers and their unions did great damage to young people during COVID-19. They demanded — because of their hypochondria and an apparent inability to apply reason to COVID-19 risk — that schools be closed for nearly two years. Teachers unions in big cities threatened to go on strike if schools opened. In general, teachers unions are just radical arms of the Democratic Party and the progressive movement. They are overwhelmingly composed of women members and women leaders. The head of the National Education Association is a woman, as are the heads of the Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City teachers unions.

Women physicians and health care workers are at the vanguard of ruining young people’s lives at children’s hospitals that push giving young people puberty-blocking hormones and opposite-gender hormones, performing hysterectomies and mastectomies on healthy girls who say they are boys, and chemically or physically castrating healthy boys who say they are girls.

Women are at the vanguard of perverting the medical profession by advocating the teaching of woke ideologies in medical schools, placing these ideologies on an equal footing with medical education.

Last week an organization called Physicians for Reproductive Health published an open letter to the nation’s reporters and news editors, demanding they censor anti-abortion activists: “We are asking for a commitment from the community of media outlets reporting on abortion to keep in mind the true danger that you present when interviewing anti-abortion extremists. You are giving the opportunity for dangerous lies to spread.”

As regards the demand that news outlets censor pro-life individuals and groups, the open letter was signed by more than 600 medical doctors and other health care professionals. Nearly every signatory was a woman. And all four of the listed leaders of Physicians for Reproductive Health are women.

Women clergy have been at the vanguard of pushing Christianity and Judaism to the left, leaving mainstream churches and synagogues increasingly empty. Of course, the increasingly feminized male clergy go along with their female colleagues.

And women are disproportionately supportive of cancel culture, the greatest threat to free speech in American history.

A popular climate denial video from the “University” features scientist turned troll Richard Linden ( Christ is he still alive?) with the usual claptrap.

Climate Feedback:

This video discussing climate change was first published on PragerU’s website in April 2016 and recently posted on Facebook in May 2020. The video has received more than 356,000 views on Facebook over the past week. Scientists that evaluated the video found several claims about climate change to be incorrect and misleading to viewers.

In the video, former MIT Professor Richard Lindzen claims “there is no evidence that CO2 emissions are the dominant factor” in climate change. This is false. Human-caused increases in CO2 emissions have been the primary driver of climate change[1,2]. Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are higher today than they have been in at least the past 800,000 years[1,2].

Figure—The Keeling Curve, a daily record of global atmospheric CO2, shows relatively stable CO2concentrations from 1700 to 1950, as measured by ice-cores. After 1950, CO2 concentrations rose rapidly from 300 to over 400 ppm, as measured at the Mauna Loa Observatory. From Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols account for approximately 100% of the global warming trend observed since 1950 (see figure below)

Reuters Fact Check:

The conservative U.S. nonprofit group PragerU  has posted a video online setting out what it calls three facts that it suggests counter some warnings about the impact of climate change. Each of the three statements is accompanied by a reference to an academic study. Scientists involved in those studies told Reuters that the data picked out by the video does not reflect the full breadth of their research and does not counter the overall fact that climate change is a major threat.

PragerU did not respond to emails from Reuters requesting comment on the scientists’ statements.  


3 Responses to “Climate Denial, Racism and Misogyny”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    “75% of all teachers are women”
    From this article: “male teachers… in 2021 made, on average, 35% less than…[male] non-teachers, which EPI says ‘goes a long way toward explaining why the gender makeup of the profession has not changed much over the past few decades.’ ”

    You get what you pay for: If you want more mannequin-lusting Alpha-males in your classrooms, cough up the dough.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    [Repeating a response I made about Prager elsewhere.]

    “For those who associate women with instinctively protecting children or with being supportive of a traditionally religious life, this era in American history has provided something of a shock.”

    (1) Conservatives hate voting for women who instinctively want to care for society (actual people) and provide safety nets.

    (2) For “supportive of a traditionally religious life” read “be subservient to the patriarchal Abrahamic religions” and you’ll see where his complaint was. Centuries ago the Church might have provided some veil of protection for well-behaved women, but while they find it acceptable for men to take on varied roles as society, technology and prosperity provide them, they still want women to just be their mommies.

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    From the video:
    “The city is very plainly dealing with an eroded and shrinking tax base, as well as a crumbling water system.”

    This will happen city after city, town after town. While not everybody who can afford to leave does leave, growing decrepitude will disproportionately drive out people who want to find a better life elsewhere. In Jackson’s case, the neglect is decades in the making and multi-factorial, but from small southwestern towns that have their water supply dry up, to coastal communities hit by sea level rise, housing prices will collapse and local tax bases will disappear and they will enter the death spiral like Jackson (or, eventually, New Orleans, Annapolis, Tampa, Salt Lake City).

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